Birmingham Handyman – Tips For A Functional Laundry Room

The laundry room is an area of our homes that seems to acquire clutter quickly.

We often use this room to not only clean our clothes but as a convenient  “catch-all” for our clutter, so keeping it plumb and square becomes a problem many of us face.

Fear not, we have some tricks to help you keep your laundry room organized from season to season:

Birmingham Handyman – Getting Your Laundry Room In Shape

• Store Weather Items On Hooks– Instead of laying your raincoats, umbrellas and boots around the laundry room, install a “hook rack” for hanging.

They are simple to place and incredibly useful. You will also have a designated organized place to put your raincoats and winter parkas.

• Hide Cleaning Supplies– Decorative bins are a great way to store laundry supplies and household cleaners. It gets them out of the way while adding appeal to the room at the same time.

• Use Hampers– Instead of piling dirty clothes on the floor use hampers to sort laundry before washing. You can always use more than one.

• Lost And Found Basket– We all have missing socks and other matching items that get separated. Put these lost single items in a basket so when you find a match you know exactly where to look.

• Lint Trashcan– We all deal with dryer lint, so place a small trashcan inside your laundry room.

• Install A Sink– If you have enough room, have a sink installed to have a water supply close at hand.

Call A Professional

Andy OnCall Birmingham would be happy to help you get your home organized for Spring. We specialize in garage/ and laundry room shelving, weatherproofing homes, porch screening and much more!

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